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Discrete Mathematics:
Modeling Our World

NEW 5th Edition
Written specifically for high school level students, Discrete Mathematics: Modeling Our World is a new edition of the formerly titled Discrete Mathematics Through Applications. It is designed to support the integration of mathematical modeling in high school classrooms, in a way that promotes active learning, critical thinking, and fully engaged student participation. With this text, students will see the connections among mathematical topics and real-life events and situations, while sharpening their problem solving, mathematical reasoning and communication skills.

Precalculus: Modeling Our World

2nd Edition
Precalculus: Modeling Our World uses contemporary applications and the modeling process to teach and motivate students in a high school precalculus course. Using real-world applications, students explore the essential concepts and develop data analysis and problem-solving skills that they need in their future studies and career.

The Mathematical Modeling Handbook

You need great materials to teach mathematical modeling. The Teachers College Mathematical Modeling Handbook is the ideal resource to support your efforts.

Helping students develop a mathematical disposition encourages recognition of mathematical opportunities in everyday events. The TC Mathematical Modeling Handbook bolsters the CCSSM approach to interpret modeling not as a collection of isolated topics but in relation to the content standards. The Handbook provides modules containing teacher guides, student activities, possible solutions, and natural classroom extensions for over 25 topics.

For All Practical Purposes

11th Edition

For All Practical Purposes emphasizes the connections between contemporary mathematics and modern society. Long a foundational text in the development of the liberal arts mathematics course, its distinctive style introduces students to real math applications without simply listing equations and asking students to crunch numbers—practice is geared toward understanding what these equations do and what they can reveal.

For All Practical Purposes seeks to engage those students who tend to be wary or disinterested in math courses and to show them both the usefulness of these math concepts and the beauty of math as applied in the world around us.

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