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Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications

Who We Are

COMAP – The Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications

COMAP is an award-winning mathematics education non-profit organization that has worked with educators, students, businesses, and industry to support and create learning environments where mathematics is used to investigate and model real issues in our world.

COMAP envisions a world in which each and every student, at all educational levels, has access to an excellent and innovative mathematics education. This education experience should develop proficiency and instill an appreciation for the value of mathematical modeling, both as a context for learning mathematics and as a tool for solving real world problems. COMAP believes that increased appreciation of mathematics, as a way of thinking, and mathematical proficiency enriches people’s personal and professional pursuits, and benefits society through having a more mathematically literate citizenry.

COMAP's Core Values

COMAP values the teaching and learning of mathematics because mathematics is fundamental to understanding many critical aspects of the natural world and many dimensions of human activity.

COMAP values the learning and teaching of mathematics both for and through mathematical modeling and applications because:

  • mathematical modeling is pervasive in understanding the world;
  • students are motivated by connections to their real-world surroundings;
  • contextualized learning deepens understanding of mathematics;
  • working on authentic mathematical modeling questions prepares students to work in novel contexts and solve open-ended problems;
  • working in modeling contexts develops students’ positive mathematical identities and agency.

COMAP values the development of mathematical competency in each and every student because:

  • the world is a diverse place facing diverse challenges requiring diverse mathematics best understood and applied in diverse ways;
  • everyone has a stake in the future and everyone’s voice is needed;
  • no one should be denied an opportunity in the future due to a lack of mathematical competency.

COMAP values initiating and supporting work to solve problems involving diversity, equity, and inclusion that intersect with mathematics education because for too long mathematics has been used as a gatekeeper that contributes to systemic inequality.

COMAP values interdisciplinary connections and studies because creating or following rigid disciplinary boundaries within schools simply delays and makes more challenging the hard work of unifying multiple disciplinary perspectives outside of schools in authentic personal, social, industrial, and scientific settings.

COMAP values research into learning and teaching and improving our understanding because no one knows everything and we’re always hungry to learn.

COMAP values policy aligned with demonstrated best practices because the science of learning has yielded results that make re-inventing the wheel unnecessary.

COMAP values partnering and collaborating with other educational organizations, industry, government, and other educational stake holders because it takes a coordinated effort to effect meaningful large-scale change on local, state, national, and international levels.

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