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Consortium for Mathematics and its Applications

COMAP Memberships

COMAP Memberships provide streamlined access to all of COMAP’s award-winning publications and resources.

Whether you are an educator, a student, an industry professional, or an educational institution, if you are interested in applied problem solving and mathematical and interdisciplinary modeling, COMAP has something for you.

COMAP offers several individual and institutional membership options.

Why Become a Member?

COMAP membership provides access to our 40 years and growing library of innovative resources; ideas and materials that make teaching, learning, and applying mathematics fun.

COMAP resources support:

  • Integrating mathematics and interdisciplinary modeling into your classroom
  • Experimenting with team teaching across disciplines
  • Making your mathematics lessons more interesting with real-world applications
  • Preparing for math modeling contests
  • Looking for more information about modeling
  • Supporting your institution’s members who are engaging in these activities

COMAP Membership Benefits

The benefits of a free COMAP membership include access to numerous modeling modules, classroom materials, professional reports, and the current issue of Consortium at no cost.

Upgrading to a full membership provides access to all previous electronic issues of Consortium and the UMAP Journal, many application and modeling modules including ILAP: Interdisciplinary Lively Applications modules, UMAP: Undergraduate Mathematics and its Applications modules, and our newest Mathematical Modeling Modules collection.

Full members receive instant online access to the latest UMAP Journal and Consortium upon publication and have permission to duplicate and use COMAP materials in their classrooms. Members can add print copies of these publications and access to with add-on subscriptions. Libraries, departments, and organizations can choose print and/or web material access options through our institutional memberships.

COMAP Individual Memberships

COMAP offers student and educator Free Memberships, as well as a Full Membership option. Our free memberships require only an email sign-up with no commitment or credit card.

See our Individual Membership page for a full list of membership options and benefits.

COMAP Institutional Memberships

COMAP offers institutions and organizations access to all web materials and/or our print curriculum newsletters and journals.

See our Institutional Memberships page for a list of membership options and benefits. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Free Student Membership or Free Educator Membership options require a credit card to register?

No, a credit card is not required to sign up for either of our free membership options.

What methods of payments does COMAP accept for Memberships?

COMAP accepts all the major credit cards and PayPal via our secure online payment process. If you would prefer you could also phone in your order to 1 (781) 862-7878.

Will COMAP automatically charge for annual renewal?

No, we do not automatically charge for membership renewal. Members will receive an email with a reminder prior to their membership expiring.

Does COMAP offer institutional membership options to non-academic organizations?

Yes, in addition to schools and academic institutions, COMAP offers a wide range of institutional membership options to a variety of organizations, libraries, and industry/business entities. See our Institutional Memberships page for a full list of membership options.

Can I duplicate COMAP materials for my classroom use?

A Membership comes with a license to duplicate (in print form only) any of the materials for use within classes the COMAP member teaches. This grants users a license to duplicate materials from this site for non-profit or educational purposes only. These materials may not be sold commercially for profit, bartered, or given to anyone other than students attending courses at the purchasing institution or faculty teaching these courses. These materials may not be modified or used in any other manner without the expressed written permission of COMAP. The materials must be attributed/cited to COMAP, Inc.

Who do I contact if I have other questions?

At COMAP, we are committed to customer service. We have done our best to ensure that using our website at will be a pleasant, effective, and convenient experience. If you have a question or a problem, please call 781-862-7878 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and a COMAP representative will be glad to help.