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ResourceMAP - Basic Probability - Student Edition (Spanish)

Author: Gary Froelich

ResourceMAP modules are relatively short and designed for flexible implementation; that is, they can be used in regular classes as well as in special test-preparation settings. Each module contains a set of contextual problems in several formats: multi-part open response, short response, and multiple-choice. Accompanying the problem set are tip sheets that serve several purposes including lists of formulas, calculator instruction, and brief reviews of the module's underlying mathematics. Also provided are teacher notes (the module purpose, the mathematical focus, and implementation commentary), answers to all problems, and (in a few cases) handout masters.

Basic Probability

Many everyday activities involve some uncertainty. Your assessment of thatuncertainty may influence your decisions.

Suppose you decide to buy a computer. When you pay for the computer, the clerkasks if you want to buy a three-year extended warranty. There is uncertainty aboutwhether your computer will need repair within the next three years. If you thinkthe likelihood is fairly high, then you will probably buy the extended warranty.

When looking for a job, there is uncertainty about whether you will be hired if youapply. You apply for some jobs and not for others. If you think you have areasonable chance of being hired, you apply; otherwise, you don't.

Probability is a mathematical means for assessing uncertainty.

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14 pages

Mathematics Topics:

Pre-Algebra , Probability & Statistics , Discrete & Finite Mathematics , Expected Value, Relative Frequency

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Basic Probability

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